Jerry and Laura Entzminger started Diamond E Ranch in 1979 and up until 2006 the couple each held full time off farm jobs. Jerry now works the ranch full time, and Laura works at Dunrovin Lodge, a Senior's Retirement Residence in Quesnel, when she's not working on the ranch.

The Diamond E Ranch began as a 17 acre hobby farm and has evolved into a beautiful 2000 acre spread. The land was acquired piece by piece, and most of it was logged requiring Jerry and Laura to remove many stumps. Once cleared, the land was cultivated and seeded over a thirty year span. A herd of top quality Simmental/Angus cows was built to graze the pasture land and 600 acres of alfalfa grass hay is now produced annually.

In 2008 Jerry and Laura formed a plan for diversification. Part of the diversification plan included the tapping of 500 Birch trees for the production and marketing of Birch Syrup. With so much to do, family can always be counted on to lend a hand. This is a good thing, because Sweet Tree Ventures Birch syrup operation, has expanded to include delicious Birch Toffee Candy and Spicy Birch Barbecue Sauce!

Although in past years the couple ran up to 300 cows calving, and anywhere from 100 to 200 feeder calves, in 2009 they decided to downsize that part of the operation.

Jerry and Laura love what they do, and work very hard to keep what they love. They believe that in this day and age, to survive, diversification is a necessity. They welcome inquiries about their products and can be reached in Quesnel, British Columbia at 1 250 249 5466 or by email at info@sweettreeventures.com.