Sweet Tree is the all-Canadian Birch Syrup...
used by discerning chefs and gourmands across the nation!


A Family Affair

Meet Jerry and Laura Entzminger, the owners of Sweet Tree Ventures.

Jerry and Laura Entzminger started Diamond E Ranch in 1979 and up until 2006 the couple each held full time jobs off the farm. Jerry and Laura now ranch full time but Sweet Tree Ventures has become Laura's passion.

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Sweet Tree Ventures' delicious birch syrup is a unique taste of the Cariboo.

The Entzminger family share their customers' commitment to the environment. They know that by harvesting birch sap in a sustainable manner, they will ensure the continued health of their birch trees for future generations.

Sweet Tree's Birch Syrup promotes sustainable use of British Columbia's forests. On frosty spring mornings we tap the birch trees on our beautiful Quesnel ranch by inserting a spile from which a bucket hangs. The sap is gathered and taken to a stainless-steel evaporator where the delicate art of syrup making begins. As the clear fresh sap is boiled the sweet aroma tantalizes your senses and the colour changes to a beautiful amber red and the syrup takes on a lovely caramel-like flavour.


The Sugar Shack 

Let's all go to the Sugar Shack where the sap is transformed into liquid gold!

Sweet Tree's Sugar Shack is where the real magic happens. Once the sap is harvested, it is taken to the Sugar Shack for processing.